Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Shrimp and Chicken Etouffee

Picture from the food network website, I forgot to take pictures of my dish. Mine wasn't nearly this pretty.

I got this recipe from the January '10 issue of the Food Network magazine.

I've never tried making etouffee before. I rarely do anything involving a roux or involving more than one type of meat (unless I'm doing shishkabobs). So this was definitely a branch out recipe for me. 

I did make a few substitutions. I did not have any chicken broth on hand so I used chicken stock instead and supplemented it with half a bottle of beer and a half cup of water to get to the full 4 cups of liquid that it asks for. I only had frozen shrimp on hand so I threw those into the oven for about 10 minutes to precook and dethaw to make it possible to peel them later. I also served over just regular jasmine rice instead of the toasted nutty rice shown in the picture.

I did a analysis on the recipe to get the nutritional data (I'm trying to keep track of the calories I eat) and if I did it right each serving of the etouffee (not including the rice) come in at around 493 calories. Just a little FYI for those that care.

On to the important bit. Was it good? It was. It was damned tasty. I had a very generous bowlful and Kevin ate at least 2.5. We also had it for dinner again last night (I made it on Sunday) and it was just as good the second time around (just less appealing once the soup congeals up). Be warned, this pot makes up a LOT of food so serve it when you have guests or be ready to freeze at least half of it. I did the freezing bit and hopefully it will be a thing to have on hand to thaw out on those nights where I just don't feel like cooking.

It was a bit of work as far as browning the meat and shredding the chicken and making the roux but nothing so advanced that I felt like this recipe was out of my range. I would love to make it for a group of friends sometime, but that will have to wait until Kev and I have a real kitchen where we can entertain folks.Until then, it will have to live out it's life as leftovers.

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  1. Sounds rather yummy!! And, personally, leftovers are a key point in my cooking ... quite essential.