Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Broccoli rice casserole

Continuing in the yellow(ish) food theme, here is a broccoli casserole I tried a few weeks ago. I got the recipe from another food blog I follow, Budget Bytes. I was kind of extra inspired to make it after having another broccoli casserole at a friend's house for dinner a few nights before.

There are a few key difference in my friend's recipe and mine. Her's was very simple. I believe it was just steamed frozen broccoli, velveeta cheese and crushed up Ritz crackers. I know, I know, it doesn't sound very classy but sometimes Velveeta cheese is just called for and it really worked in that recipe. It was delicious and cheesy and I'm pretty sure everyone had second helpings.

This recipe has a few more ingredients in it. So I thought "Oh! If she can make a good casserole with velveeta cheese then surely this will be extra delicious!" And it was good. Not extra delicious, but it was good. I think it could've been cheesier and it almost seemed a little...bland. I think the lack of salt in the recipe is noticeable.

So maybe sometimes it pays to KISS (keep it simple stupid) and this may have been one of those instances. While the casserole I made was pretty ok, the casserole my friend made (which was infinitely simpler) was delicious and will probably be my go to recipe for cheesy broccoli goodness.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cooking with Manda and Boo!

I got to make a nice visit up to see dear Manda this weekend. We took the opportunity to do some cooking together.

The theme seemed to be yellow food.

We had homemade mac and cheese with bacon.

This was super easy and delicious. I may not ever go back to making mac and cheese from a box ever again.

Then we had lemon curd with short bread crust for dessert.

The curd was deliciously lemony, if a wee bit too sweet. The short bread crust stuck to the pie plate however and when we actually tried to serve slices it was more like...chiseling out stone covered in pudding. Delicious, but definitely not pretty. I'm thinking this recipe may be improved by making short bread cookies and spreading lemon curd on them.

I'll definitely give the recipes another try. Kevin really seemed to like it (after knocking on the poor broken apart scoops for a good half hour) and I'm still into my lemon phase.