Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Broiled Lemon Garlic Chicken w/buttered egg noodles and roasted brussel sprouts.

Once again the recipe is from the food network website. I've got a back log of these recipes that I tried that I didn't take pictures of. But! I promise they were good and next time I will take pictures!

Lemon garlic chicken was the first recipe I tried from my new food network magazine (Dec 09 issue). I made it with buttered egg noodles and roasted brussels sprouts.

While delicious, this meal was certainly a learning experience for me. I've never broiled anything. Ever. I'm not even sure I've seen anyone broil anything before. I certainly don't remember my Mom broiling anything growing up. see where this is going. I seasoned up my chicken, turned the oven on broil, threw it in and 5 minutes later my kitchen looked like a serious fire hazard. The smoke detector went off, my eyes were burning from the smoke and I had to open the window and turn on a fan to make it bearable.  (It wasn't until the end of the broil when Kevin helpfully mentioned that the oven door should've been left open. Doh!)

Ok, so aside from the smokey kitchen the chicken did turn out beautifully. I did the brussels sprouts in the toaster often since my oven was a frightening place at the time. The buttered egg noodles were easy and very tasty. All of the parts went together and added up to a wonderful meal. I did everything pretty much exactly to the recipe. I used just parsley on the noodles and forgot to drizzle the white wine vinegar (probably because I don't own any) and honey on the brussels sprouts. Other than that everything was by the book.

The skin on the chicken was wonderfully crispy, but I think next time I may just bake it for longer then broil for the last 5-10 minutes to crisp up the skin. There was just way too much broiling time and all the smoke made it impossible to work in the kitchen. I should also mention this was the first time I've ever really eaten brussels sprouts (they're one of those 'yucky' vegetables yanno). I have to say, I prefer asparagus, but they weren't bad and may be willing to try them in other recipes now.

Coming up on the blog soon, mini skillet meatloaves and my first loaf of bread!

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  1. i lurve brussel sprouts! i end up roasting them when i have the time but steaming them also yields tastey results.