Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Digging myself out of a food rut.

I like to cook. I enjoy eating tasty food. Unfortunately a lot of the tasty food that I cook and eat is more or less the same food, over and over and over. Stir fry? Chicken with pasta. Pasta without chicken. Fish with some rice. Pizza if I’m  lazy. Throw in some frozen veggies and lots of bread and you have our ( me and my boyfriend’s) weekly menu. While very tasty, it does get boring after awhile. Occasionally I’ll branch out and try a new recipe (Greek chicken wraps! Stuffed turkey peppers!) and enjoy them, I’ll always inevitably fall back into the usual food rut and forget about all of the other tasty foods out there just waiting to be made and eaten.

Well I’m tired of wallowing in the food rut. I’ve decided to make an effort to try new recipes every week in an attempt to shake up our diet and hopefully stop feeling so bored with food. I got lots of new kitchen tools over Christmas (most importantly, a Kitchen Aid stand mixer) to help with this journey as well as a subscription to the Food Network Magazine. I’ve decided to start this blog to keep track of recipes that I try, and how they turn out and whether I would make them again. Recipes will come from all sources, the magazine, internet and shit I just make up on my own.

I will try to include photos of how the food turns out and substitutions that I make (since I rarely follow a recipe to the letter).

This blog will also be co-written by my OMG BFF Manda and she will also post her kitchen experiments and tasty recipes to enjoy.

So enjoy and bon appetite!


  1. haha, bailie you rock. I've had problems with being in a food rut too, so I'm pretty excited about your new blog. ^_^


  2. what's an OMG BFF? is that a good thing? do i want to be a whole bunch of random letters?