Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mini Skillet Meatloaves

Just as a general disclaimer, I've never been one for eating meatloaf. As a child I decided that it was just one of those meals that I didn't like (you know, how diplomatic and rational children can be with their decisions) and spent most of my life avoiding eating meatloaf as much as possible. Well I saw this recipe in the December 09 food network magazine and decided that I was going to be a grown up and try some meatloaf and this meatloaf recipe sounded tasty enough to try out. 

I followed the recipe as written (except I just used ground beef instead of meatloaf mix of pork and beef). I even went out and bought some apple cider vinegar (my pantry was seriously lacking in the vinegar category. All we had was a big jug of regular white vinegar). The meatloaves were fairly delicate and crumbly and I accidentally browned them a bit too much on the first side w/my super hot pan but all in all they turned out great. They were very flavorful (if a bit sweet) and not dry at all. I think maybe if I make the recipe again I'll add more crushed red pepper to the mix and sauce to add a little kick. I might also cut back a bit on the brown sugar, the sauce was just a wee bit too sweet for me. I served this dish with leftover buttered egg noodles from the chicken dinner and roasted broccoli (w/chili powder, salt, pepper and olive oil).

Kev has requested I make this recipe again and I have to say, for not being a meatloaf fan, I thought this dish was really tasty.

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