Saturday, January 23, 2010

compost cookie test case #1

my base recipe is from Cook's Illustrated and i was going to copy the recipe here, but the recipe is copyrighted by CI. i have pretty strong feelings about taking what isn't yours. with that said, the cookie recipe i'm linking to is a workhorse! so do yourself a favor and register for the free trial.

Cook's Illustrated Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

now on to the first batch of compost cookies!
if you recall the compost cookie from momofuku has chocolate chips, pretzels, chips, butterscotch chips and coffee grounds. i set out with the best of intentions, but naturally was lazy and didn't make it to the grocery store. so ingredients were limited to what was available at cvs and in my pantry.
i started with my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and went from there.

3/4 cup white chocolate chips - i thought i had regular chocolate, but i didn't
3/4 cup pretzels - chopped into manageable pieces
3/4 cup extra crunchy potato chips - i went with the lays kettle cooked hoping the extra crunchy chips would hold up better in the batter
1 king size heath bar - cvs doesn't make a habit of carrying butterscotch, heath seemed close enough
1 tablespoon instant coffee - coffee grounds doesn't sound appetizing, does it?

as you can see it makes for an interesting batter. i broke up the chips a bit before adding them and i was correct in choosing the extra crunchy chips. they didn't break up too much in the batter. i didn't mix the fixins before adding and i really wish i would have. with all the kids in the pool that batter was very stiff and difficult to stir. the goal is to have a bite of every ingredient in every bite. not sure my batch came out all that varied.

here's the final product! i was going to be obnoxious and draw arrows pointing to all the different ingredients, but i trust you can see it all. the heath was a good move (and was chocolate coated) so it easily balanced out the salty pretzels and chips. the white chocolate was a bit too sweet and i'd like to try it again with a dark chocolate. originally i thought the coffee was a bit frivolous but i must say it plays very nicely with all the flavors, even the salty.

see! jill thinks they're yummy. and in the interest of fairness she did do a lot of the chopping.

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  1. I'm still iffy on the potato chip in cookie aspect, but the pretzels sound like a good addition. I do <3 the salty/sweet combo of Pretzels and chocolate.