Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow baking part deux.

So you know how I said in my last entry, "When it snows, I bake."? Well I wasn't kidding about the snow. This is what I woke up to Saturday morning.

And you know the best part about snowy weekends? (Actually weekends in general for that matter.) BREAKFAST! I eat stupid cereal all week long just so I can have a nice hearty breakfast on the weekend. Most of the time this is pancakes and bacon and eggs or omelets or biscuits. This weekend I got ambitious and decided to try eggs benedict.

I followed the Pioneer Woman's blender method for the hollandaise but more or less used a scaled down recipe from I also didn't have any canadian bacon on hand so I just used bacon (and fried bologna (shut up! don't judge me!)). I need to work on my egg poaching technique. I pulled the first egg too early so the yolk broke, and my eggs got cold while I was trying to poach Kev's eggs. But overall I'd have to say it was really damn good. The sauce was absolutely fantastic and there's nothing quite like a good eggs benedict. It's so rich and comforting. It's probably just a shade under biscuit and gravy in my breakfast hierarchy.

But Bailie you say, breakfast isn't baking! This is true. But I did also make that Mocha Coffee Coffee cake I mentioned before.

I even took pictures of the process!

All the main players.

Showing my lovely new kitchen aid in action. Look at that beater blade go!

All of the batters (3!) in the floppy pan.

Golden brown and delicious.

And of course, finished off with a glaze.

I didn't have an instant espresso on hand so I used instant coffee instead. That's the only substitution I made. I think I over baked the cake just a shade. I did it for less time than called for but I think with the floppy pan it still baked up faster than I anticipated. My glaze was also a little thin and soaked into the cake a bit too much. But overall this cake was pretty good. It has a very strong coffee flavor so if you're into that then this cake should be right up your ally. Not to mention, having 3 batter bowls to lick clean? Can we say, HELL YEAH? I knew you could!

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