Monday, February 8, 2010

fun with leftovers

last week or so... or maybe the week before that... anyway i was slow getting to the grocery store and had company coming over. what's a girl to do with (practically) nothing in her fridge?

course #1 - beer stuffing
deep in the far corner of my freezer, i found some multigrain bread that i'm fairly certain pre-dates myspace. i also had some baby carrots, celery and a lonely shallot. throw all the kids in the pool, add salt, pepper, oregano and some beer and you get something like this.

let the stuffing cool for a bit, add an egg, bake for 20 minutes at 350 degrees and you get some pretty kickass stuffing.
apologies for the lack of an 'after' photo, trust me it was tastey-looking.

on to course #2 - sweet potato and beef empanadas
i had a pillsbury pie shell laying around - i had ever intention of making a pecan pie, honest, i did but my plans never came together. so using a glass, we cut the pie shell into little rounds. add some ground beef leftover from taco night, some over-seasoned, disappointing, roasted sweet potatoes and a pinch of cheese and you've got empanadas! more cheese on top and quick egg wash, and these are picture perfect:

i've tried empanada recipes before with puff pastry, but the pillsbury pie crust was vastly superior! i was pleasantly surprised.

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