Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mmm...beer pancakes...


I love pancakes. Pancakes are definitely one of my favorite breakfast foods. Right behind Eggs Benedict. And Biscuit and Gravy. But they're up there, that's all that matters. And because they're easy I tend to make them most weekends. I'm partial to Alton Brown's buttermilk pancake recipe. It makes beautiful fluffy delicious pancakes. And having the mix made up before hand just means I can scoop out 1 cup and make enough batter for 6 pancakes.

But, we don't always have buttermilk on hand. That's what happened this past weekend. But Kevin really wanted pancakes. So I did what any loving girlfriend would do on Valentine's Day. I made him beer pancakes. Ok, to be fair he helped. I mixed up the batter and he cooked them (I get antsy with pancakes and always want to flip too early).

They were delicious! We used Sam Adam's Coastal Wheat and I added a touch of brown sugar to the batter (to make sure they weren't too beery). Word of warning though, don't use cold beer. Cold beer + melted butter = lumpy coagulated butter. I learned that the hard way and had to redo the liquid part of the batter. Second time around I mixed the egg into the butter and made sure the beer was warmer. That made it all better. I also used a smidge more butter than the recipe calls for. I like buttery pancakes.

These pancakes weren't quite as light and fluffy as AB's but they were damn tasty. This recipe will definitely be our backup for when we are out of buttermilk.


  1. MMMM .. Beer. Sounds & looks VERY yummy!! Can't wait to make some of these. I do think they will be dinner tomorrow night!

  2. so no cold beer? what did you do, let it get room temperature before proceeding?

    oh and the secret to flipping pancakes, the middle of the uncooked side should get bubbly before you flip.