Sunday, April 3, 2011

ramen upgrade

Couple weeks ago I spotted this entry over at Serious Eats re: Ramen Hacks. It has never occurred to me to tamper with the salty, unhealthy goodness of ramen before, but why the hell not?

I sent the b/f to the store with a very specific list, snow peas, scallions, flank stank, soy sauce and beef flavored ramen. He came back with sugar snap peas (so very very sweet and tasty) and cup o' noodles. Not the ramen in a bag... erm... okay! Make it work time.

Quickly steamed the sugar snap peas, marinated cut up steak in soy sauce, and barely fried it. Let the cup o' noodles hang out for one minute with some hot water, drain, stir together, dash more of soy sauce and presto! Not ten minutes later (including prep time) dinner was served.

One minor change I would have made would be the cup o' noodles. Since those come pre-seasoned (whereas the bag o' ramen has a separate seasoning package) I couldn't control the salt, plus I got a little soy sauce happy, and everything came out pretty intensely seasoned. Now I've got to start planning my next ramen hack... chicken? Ramen n' cheese?

Also sorry for the bad photography. I assure you it looked much more pleasing than in the photo.

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  1. I think Jerry gets a pass on the sugar snap peas, they're easy to mix up with snow peas. But who doesn't have soy sauce in their house 24/7? Weirdo!