Saturday, April 9, 2011

One recipe leads to another...

I feel like I've started some sort of recipe chain reaction. First I made the Thai steamed snapper and then after that I realized I had most of the ingredients for Thai Lemon Shrimp. All I needed was some coconut milk and dinner was made!

And a tasty dinner it was! So incredibly simple to make. I just thawed out some shrimp, tossed it into a baggie with the marinade ingredients to get happy and then the actual cooking time was just a few minutes. Waiting for the udon noodles to cook was really the only time consuming thing but it was still just about 20 minutes to make dinner. Kev fussed over the shrimp tails but I told him if it mattered that much he could take them off before I cooked the shrimp. He didn't, so he can just shut his trap.:-p

Anyway, back to this chain reaction thing. So now I've got this coconut milk hanging out in my fridge that needs to be used up. It's tasty stuff and a fairly expensive ingredient so I definitely need to do something with it. I'm thinking maybe a curry since I have red curry paste now thanks to the steamed snapper. I've never made a curry before so this could be interesting. Thai was easy enough so maybe I can handle curry.

In other recipes that I've tried, this recipe from Martha Stewart via Serious Eats is pretty awesome. I'm mostly talking about the cauliflower. The salmon was fine, but the cauliflower blew me away. I'll never be afraid to cook with anchovies ever again. Try it, it'll make you really love cauliflower if you don't already.

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