Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sundried tomato pasta w/steak and lemon butter asparagus.


Tonight for dinner I got a little ambitious. I didn't mean to be so ambitious. When I was wandering around Kroger looking for the ingredients for the Sun Dried Tomato Mac and Cheese I didn't think about the recipe being difficult to make. And it's not really. But it is kind of time consuming and it dirties up a lot of dishes. And I'm never very confident in my cheese sauce capabilities so I'm always super paranoid I'm gonna screw it up, so I don't know why I thought this was going to be super easy and slap dash, but I did.

I think the recipe could've used a bit more sun dried tomatoes (I think I just didn't have enough left in my jar) but otherwise it was pretty good. Very cheesy and not grainy like my mac and cheese usually turns out.

I paired it with some lemon butter steamed asparagus and grilled sirloin steak. All in all, a very tasty meal (and not chicken!).

As a side note, yesterday I made Bacon Pesto Pasta for a side dish to a lunch I was invited to. I added some sun dried tomatoes to that recipe too and OMG it was delicious. I think I like it just a wee bit better than the mac and cheese recipe from tonight, and that's surprising since I'm not much of a pesto fan. Unfortunately I did not get any pictures of it but I plan on making it again so I will be sure to take some next time.

Also, after learning how to make my own szechuan sauce I've gotten hooked on making stir fry. I make it about once a week now and instead of my usual chicken + a shit ton of vegetables I've simplified it with paring it down just to one vegetable and using shrimp instead (to cut back on my chicken intake). I also enjoy having it with vegetable fried right to kick it up a notch from plain steamed white rice.

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